Changes in framing a SB 1.5 project in SB2

Hi there, We are using Storyboard Pro v 2 to make animatics for an animated series from boards created by several different freelance storyboard artists. Some artists are using Storyboard 1.5, some Storyboard Pro 1.5 and some are using Storyboard Pro 2. I have noticed that when I open the boards that were created in version 1.5 of either Storyboard or Storyboard Pro the framing is much closer (4 or 5 fields closer) than they look on the pdf file that was created by the artists using their own computers and programs.Why is it doing this?How can I fix this please?The format is HDTVUnfortunately all of your grids seem to be the old fashioned 3:4 TV format so they are not much use to us for reframing things when we are using 1.77 widescreen format.Is there a way of displaying a widescreen grid? I don’t want to have to scan a printed grid from Chromacolour and bring this in as a bitmap.The 1.5 version used to show an outline of the area visible on screen in the drawing window as a default.That was a really useful feature.This seems to be absent on the SB2version. I can select to view the outline with safety grid but that seems to work on a shot by shot basis. so I will need to do this several hundred times to check the framing of every scene(shot).This resizing images between two version of the same program is causing lots of problems, because elements are cut-off if they are near the edge of screen. Also the image looks claustrophobic and very different when we are so much closer.This series features some characters with horns on their heads, these are being lost in all close-up shots, which is an important plot point.The Director and producer are very concerned that the production company will follow the framing in the animatic as seen in the Quick time rather than the original board, if we supply this to them. Also if they make changes at animatic stage we will have to output a pdf final board from this version.Is there an easy way to reset the resolution, format or set the framing so that it stays put when going from one version of your program to another.I tried using the camera tool to reset the framing but we end up with start or end printed in the corner of the frame, or the image quivers when there are multiple panels, because the framing is never quite the same twice I also notice that the HDTV preset is runs at 24fps. In Ireland and UK the HDTV runs at 25fps, so I had to create a new format to make sure our projects turned out the right length. This is strange because I thought 24 fps only applied to film. TV runs at 25 fps in Europe and Japan and at 30fps in USA and Canada.So HDTV should not run at 24fps anywhere.I am going bonkers with this.Please help.Cheers,Gary

I answered the Vertical fit issue in your other thread.

Regarding the grid, this is something that we can look at as a feature request for future versions of the software.

Regarding the FPS, most animations are done in 24 fps and this is the only reason why the preset is set up this way. They will do a conversion from 24 to 25. Naturally if you are working directly in 25, then you can set up your storyboards with a custom resolution set to 25.