Change Transition Duration

The function “Change Transition Duration” doesn´t work at all. Someone, please, could help me?

What specifically happens when you try it (in both cases)?

In the case of the “Panel” tab, are you not able to enter a numeric value?
Try one that’s only slightly longer or shorter than what’s currently there.
Wghat about the up/down triangles next to the numeric value, are you able
to click these to increase/decrease the amount?


there are two ways to change the duration of a transition. First, you can drag on the edge of the transition box in the timeline. Secondly, you can enter the numerical duration in the panel tab. Have you tried both those methods?

Thanks for your comment and have a great day.

Hi, thanks for your time! Well, I have tried both ways and I went to the “sound” menu on top and tried there too. The transition duration doesn´t change…