change timing for one layer


I have a small problem, and I’m wandering if you can help me.

I have done an animation of several characters singing a song. But, by a mistake, the dancing is not is getting out of sync on the end of the music. The lipsync is OK.
And that is my problem.

Is there a way of changing the keyframes proportionally without changing the rest of the animation?

For the ones that are used to work on After effects I want to do something similar to pull a Keyframes group using the ALT key. just like on the video below.

This way I could, select a group of keyframes and “shrink” the timing keeping the distance among the Keyframes proprotional. And doing so with the master layer opened I could change the timing without messing up the lipsync.

Is it possible?

This could be a nice feature request if not exists.

Thanks in advance