Change TBS 8.1 default startup, save as, and export directory on MAX 10.9.5

TBS 8.1 (on MAC 10.9.5) always starts up in my Documents folder so when I do a Save As or Export or Import it always defaults to my Documents directory. I have a lot of other documents and subdirectories inside my Documents fold other than Toon Boom items. I’m constantly having to navigate down into another subfolder to Save a new project, open another project or library, or export/import something.

Is there a way to change Toon Boom Studio 8.1 default directory? I have already moved and set the location of the Global Library but that doesn’t change the default Open/Save/Export/Import directory.


I don’t have Harmony so I cannot say however Animate Pro, Animate and Studio remember the last directory / folder you saved to.

You can designate a main folder you wish to create in any location.