Change Scene Resolution Without Zooming In

I’m working on a video game and need my art to stay at a consistent scale between animations. I have a cape on the character that flaps out bast the scene border. I thought I would just change the scene resolution to give me some extra room on the sides, but it zooms in on my character on it changes.

Is there a way to change the scene size without zooming in on the art? I’m thinking something like the “change canvas size” feature in Photoshop. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Is this just to work on the portion that goes off screen or to coral it within the camera view so that it all fits in the scene?

Not knowing exactly what you are aiming for would using an additional camera view help?

When working with 3D software I have set up cameras to accomplish many things during the construction stages. They are only used during the building stage and are not part of the final work. I think of it as a substitute for being able to walk up and look around at props or models in a scene.

In one instance I needed to see what a model would see when looking at a prop from their perspective so I created a camera to serve as the model’s POV.

Its to work on the portion that sticks out of the original area.

I have my art drawn in a 600 by 600 square. I take it into photoshop and resize it to 180 by 180 to give it a blockier/retro look.

I ran into a situation when the character is running where the cape flaps out and sticks past the 600 by 600 border. When I resize the box, it zooms in on the art. If the character is a different proportion in the box, he won’t match up with the other animations when its resized.

I hope that helps explain it.


Can the positions of your characters be moved so they fit? Is it important to keep the cape in full view of the camera rather than allowing things to run out of view? Having things run off the edges of a frame can work and often improves composition in still imagery. The same can be true of motion depending on the activity and focus of a scene.