Change Scene Resolution Without Changing Character Size

I’m working on a game animation and running into a problem with trying to change my Scene settings. My work flow, until now, is to do all of my animation in a scene with the resolution of 600 by 600. Once finished, those frames are resized in Photoshop to 180 by 180. My current animation has a cape that is extending outside the boundaries of the scene. When I change the scene settings to something larger, the camera zooms in on the character I’ve drawn. I’m not sure if there is a way I can compensate the FOV when I change the settings. The options are Vertical, Horizontal, or custom. Not sure what I should change the custom to so that the art isn’t so large in frame.

I have attached an image so you can see what I’m talking about.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


As long as the aspect ratio is the same, there should be no FOV changes while changing the resolution of the scene. But in you scene, I see different aspect ratio and thus FOV will be changed automatically based on the change of aspect ratio. You can manually customize the FOV but it will be difficult to compensate between two different aspect ratio.
If the image you are importing is a ‘bitmap’, you can change the option of alignment rule when import (ex, pan if the aspect ratio is changed). You can also change the alignment rule in layer properties to fit in.