Change Safe Area View?

In Camera View you can toggle the Safe Area view which pulls in the margins evenly all around and places an X in the middle.

Any chance we can change it to something like this?

I usually work in HD 1280x720 and having these markings would be helpful. Can I somehow find this template and modify it myself? For sure I could simply make my own and place it in the library but I’d just like to know if there is another way. Of course, it wouldn’t really work as every time you changed the zoom it would change as well.

Great idea, Lilly! I’ll try it!

Well, if you wanted to pull your own in from the library, if you want it to follow the zoom of the camera just make it also a child of the same peg that’s controlling your camera motion. Then the two will move together.

There are some studios that will do this on their own - some of them even make a semi-transparent colour and colour in a safe box around the edge so that they can really see where the safe area that they want is.