Change Peg original position/rotation

I’m having some problems with a peg…

It’s a recurring problem when I make rigs.
There are some elements (A) that I duplicate and relocate (B) to the new position.
The problem is, when is needed to reset the position of the element’s peg (B), it goes to the same initial properties (position/ rotation/ scale) from the original one (A).

So my question is, there’s some way of change the initial properties of a peg?

rig prob01.png

rig prob02.png

I think the Static Transformation module will do what you want.

Can you check the node view and timeline where the transformation is happening after duplicate and relocate B?
It looks like both nodes are sharing the same peg information but if this is not the case, can you send your scene to for more details?

Using the Static-Transformation node is nice but seems like a work-around. Is there no other way to change the rest position (or change where it resets to)? It would be much easier to bake in the new position then use that as the new reset position.