Change paint colours

Hi All

New user. Using the eclipse tool to paint spots in different colors on the butterfly as in the pdf Tutorial.

Please can you tell me how I can make different colors, as every time I select it changes all the spots to the same color every time.javascript:replaceText(’%20>:(’)

Thanks Lilly

Late last night I finally figured it out. Thanks ever so much for your quick reply which confirmed my findings. I will be burning the midnight oil learning the software. I am trawling through the Video tutorials and PDF’s

Just a thought and there may be a reason for this but when you select the lines rectangles eclipse paint fill etc, would it have been more straight forward to have the color pickers in the corresponding tools for each of these as you use them?

Many thanks again


The way that the colour works in our software is that each colour pot has its own unique ID number. When you create a colour, it remembers everything that you paint with that colour. So later on, if you change the colour pot’s colour, all the areas that were painted with it will change too. This is a huge advantage of working with our software.

What you should do is when you are creating a project, you should create a new colour palette, and every time you want to add a new colour, create a new colour pot. Then you can adjust the colours.

Hope this helps! If you need more info, check out the video tutorials on the website.


For the colour dropper you can just hold down the D key, and while you hold down that key, it temporarily selects the dropper. This is the fastest way.