change of computer

Hi there. I’ve just changed my computer and want to transfer my Toon Boom Animate software to the new machine. Does anyone know which department I should contact to get the registration codes I need? I have sent a couple of emails to technical support and customer services but haven’t had any reply yet. It’s been two weeks and I’m getting withdrawel symptoms from the lack of animation! :o

Hi Heidi

Here is a link to the support page:

Just remember to press the topics they are just presented with the first sentences.

Hope you are soon up animating again.

Best regards

Ivar you are a star! Thanks so much. One more question. It says to deactivate the software on my old computer. How do I do that?

I think you will find the way to do it on the same page under Animate pro 2 Activation section 4 or under Animate section 3 :

TheLicence wisard you will find in the Application folder(If you are on a mac).
Animate Pro 2 - Tools -Licence wisard

So lets hope you will get some done in the weekend.

Bets regards
Ivar ???

I am a ha ppy bunny. Animate 2 is now working on my new computer - yipee! Thanks to you ;D. Have a good weekend - i know I will!

I have a similar situation, except that I no longer own the computer that it was initially activated on… is there a way to “reset” without having the physical computer?