Change Line Thickness AFTERWARDS

Yes, I know, I can change the line thickness of everybrushstroke before drawing them but what if I wanna change them after drawing??
How does it work?

In drawing view select the line or lines you want to modify then on the Properties panel pen tab select the pen that has the MAX setting that you desire, the selected lines will be updated to match that pen’s MAX thickness. This works for all line tools (pencil, rectangle, ellipse, pen etc), but remember the brush is not a line tool in TBS so it does not effect brush strokes. -JK

But thats what I was asking about: the brushstrokes! So you`re telling me I cant change the thickness of brushstrokes? Can I (as a workaround) not use brushstrokes in the first place and then give the line a brushcontur afterwards?

To adjust line thickness on a Brushstroke, you need to create a center line.

Tools > Extract center line, adjust your line thickness.

If you want to convert it back to Brush, go to Tools > Convert Lines To Brush


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may i know how to thicken only outside line? like mr bean style. any comment will appreciate, thanks

Is that Harmony 15 Premium only? (I bought Harmony 15 Advanced.)