Change language to English

Recently i have upgraded to harmony 15, but when install it, is in language spanish, i want to change to english, how do i do this?, thanks.
I have Mac oxs. Thanks!!!.

Did you chose English when installing? I don’t have experience with this because I’ve been working with English as my OS language and assumed the interface language would be the install language, but according to the documentation “Harmony is available in English, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. Harmony will automatically change to you [sic] OS language if it corresponds to one of these four languages.” Is that what’s happening to you? One of my pet peeves is software that uses your location or even your OS language instead of the language you chose.

Anyway, you can change language by running Harmony via command prompt. Seriously?

If that’s the only way, I think you could make a batch file to run the command line with a single click. But it would make sense to just be able to change display language in Preferences.

I wonder if that could work by adding ‘-lang es’ to the shortcut? I’m currently with 12 so I can’t check it right now.

Luis Canau

Thank you very much Luis Canau, my operating system is in Spanish, but when I installed harmony I did not have a language option, automatically leave it in Spanish, and I am used to handling it in English, thank you very much for your time and help, I will try to change the language as mentioned. … I think the development team should make it easier to change the language.

Perform the procedure mentioned but do not leave it by default in English. some way so that it is by default.? Thanks.

try this works for me :

You should be able to change stuff like this in the system preferences. However, if you still have trouble with this issue, you can contact the customer support online. They usually take 24h to reply, but they provide really in-depth information, and from personal experience they are very helpful. English is not my mother tongue, however, I set this language as my default one, because I want to get better at it. I believe my working everyday with your device set up in English can really improve your skills. AT the moment I am at a 6th grade vocabulary level, but I know that within six months I will upgrade my level to a more advanced one.