change default library location (animate PLE)

By default, the Animate PLE library is buried here:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Toon Boom Animate PLE Library

I hate this location, it’s buried deep. I want to set it to where I need it. Is this possible? Studio has such an option, in prefs/general, but for some reason Animate doesn’t.

The PLE and Full versions of Animate and Animate Pro remember the last location opened. You can place libraries anywhere you want when creating a project.

Just keep in mind that a project folder contains multiple items related to a project. You do not want a single project’s content spread out into various locations or you could run into other problems.

NOTE: It is problematic to have resources on a separate drive. Archive them wherever you want when not working on them. Move everything to the main drive where the operating system and software are installed when you need to work with them.

Thanks; I find the library issue one of the mental road-blocks in wrapping my head around TB.