Change default folder for Global Library?

Hi All,

I have a unique situation and was wondering if anyone could help me. We’re using Toon Boom 8 in one of our Mac Computer labs. These are machines which are joined to a Microsoft Active Directory domain and users authenticate with their AD usernames/passwords. I’ve modified the default user template (/System/Library/User Templates/English.lproj) so that there are specific apps shown on the dock and specific files on the desktop.

Unfortunately, my users are running into a problem where, when they try to save the Global Library, they’re given an error message saying, “There was an error while saving the global library. The global library was not saved. The global library path doesn’t exist HD:Users:student:Documents:Toon Boom Studio - Global Libraries 8.0”

“Student” is the name of the generic account I use to create the default profile so it looks as if when I copied the profile, something in Toon Boom is making it default to that home directory.

Is there any way at all to change where the global library is saved? I could always give everyone access to that folder, but then I run the risk of someone corrupting the default user template. Ideas?

Hi, Anne,
You can modify the default global library path under Preferences/General /Global Library
You can browse it to somewhere else, and copy the preferences file to each client machine.
The preferences file is under: