Change color of colour card halfway through animation?


I would like to change the colour of my colour card background after 100 or so frames of animation, is it possible to limit the exposure of the card or change the colour halfway through without affecting the original first 100 frames of my animation?

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Easier and more straightforward way: add a keyframe on the Colour-Card layer at frame 100. Make sure you have the Animate button pressed (the yellow stick figure), then go to the frame you want the new colour to be 100% visible, double-click on the Colour-Card layer and change the colour. You should see a tiny square on frame 100 and another one on frame 150 united by a line that represents the animation/tweening between the two KFs.

If you just see the two dots but no line, that means the layer is in ‘stop-motion’ (the colour will stay the same from 100 to 149 then will switch from frame 149 to 150), so you’ll have to select the first KF and click on the ‘Motion Keyframe’ icon (a curve between two dots, on the right of the +KF and -KF icons on your timeline). OR right-click on the keyframe look for and select ‘Set Motion Keyframe’. OR use the shortcut Control+K for Motion and Control+L for Stop-Motion.

If you want to just change colour from one frame to the other, without transformation, you can do it with stop-motion KF or with KF on adjacent frames (one on frame 100, new one on frame 101).

For more detailed control or if you want to animated the red, green, blue, and alpha channels separately and/or out-of synch: expand the ‘+’ on the Colour-Card layer on the Timeline. You’ll see parameters that you can animate: Depth (which doesn’t matter for this purpose), and Red, Green, Blue and Alpha (transparency).

You can just drag the KF closer or further if you want the transformation to be faster or slower. You can also add ease to the animation, using the icon on the Timeline or right-clicking and look for the option.

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