Change character pose over a camera move

I am new to Storyboard Pro and am really loving the 3D aspect of storyboarding, especially when it comes to being able to move the camera and animate layers on X,Y,Z axis. My problem is this - I can’t figure out a way to change a character’s pose while I am moving the camera without creating whole new scenes. It’s driving me crazy because it’s essential to some of the specific things storyboards need to show, and I know it must be possible.

As a first example, I have a scene with a panning camera where a vehicle is driving into frame towards the camera, and as it approaches then travels left to right in front of the panning camera, I need to change the level of detail of the drawing (as it gets closer) AND show the the character turn to look behind.

A second example is a receding background (I’m animating the layers to travel away from camera on the Z axis) with the characters changing poses on the vehicle.
Here’s a clip

Some of the partially successful solutions I’ve tried have been to:
A - Duplicate the scene with the first pose and camera moves/animation, which lets me hide the layer of the first pose and draw a new one. The problem is it resets the camera move and animation to their first keyframes

B - Split the scene in the timeline editor which breaks up the camera moves and animated layers, and again, lets me draw a second pose. The problem is if I need to change a camera move or layer animation for any reason, I have to try to rejig them individually from scene to scene to try to make them match up with each other again.

Each of these is a tedious and time-consuming task, and feels like I’m breaking to the logic of the program to achieve a simple task.

Surely there is a way to change a character’s pose within an existing camera move that doesn’t require a new scene.

Can’t find this solution anywhere online…


I haven´t worked so much with the 3D space in SBpro but if you want to

  • add a new drawing you have to ad a new panel with this. I dont know if you mean panel when you mention scene. A scene can consist of several panels.

You can have a camera move over several panel in a scene but you cant move it over several scenes.

You can also move an object with the transform tool.

So if the animation of the character means that the character will move the arm you can put the arm on a separate level and the move just the arm, which might give you the new drawing you want.

If you want the arm to move on the character and the character move too, you put the arm and the character in a group. First animate the arm and then the group.

I hope this helps.

/ Mattias

Yes, sorry, I do mean Panel (instead of scene).

The problem I have when I change a pose across multiple panels is that I have to move the camera for that new panel, instead of just being to have one smooth camera move, and in the case of my background elements which I’ve already animated, I have to reset their paths for the new panel.

For example, if I want a slow-moving background across a bunch of panels with characters in the foreground talking or something, would I have to just have that camera move broken up across those panels OR can I somehow have those characters change poses within that panel?

Maybe a way to put them on a different track in the timeline as their own sequence, or use the Layer Animation feature to toggle the visibility of different poses within one panel?

You can set the camera starting in the beginning of the first panel and ending on the last. You dont need to set the position for every panel.

Dont know if this helps.

You can also animate a layer over many panels in a scene

So you can animate the camera from first panel to last.
Adding panels with a character with new poses and at the same time animate that layer over time.
The layer need to have the same name.

dont know if this answers your question.

/ Mattias

HA! Awesome!

I think my issue was that I thought I was creating new panels, but was making new scenes instead.

Thanks a bunch!

Great that you solved it!

/ Mattias

The issue is this:

Many storyboarding programs allow you to use pre-existing character templates, say “a man” or “a woman” and drag and drop them into your storyboards. Does Storyboard Pro allow this?

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