change brush Size


I want to asking about changing brush size…javascript:replaceText(’ :(’)

I already drawing using brush size and the size is 3

suddently, I need to change the size or wide of that brush into 1 to make the brush more thin…
I already search the way to do it, but I cannot find it, please help to solve my problem…javascript:replaceText(’ :-\’)

the next question is, about module of colour art, underlay layer, and overlay layer…
what the function of them…?

thank you… :(javascript:replaceText(’ ;D’)

Thank you for the reply, lily…

about the lineArt, what I suppose to do is change the wide of drawing that I already drawn… not for the next, sorry if I made mistake in explain it :smiley:

btw I am traditional on twos, is traditional usually separate it too?!

well, me too… I always do everything just in line art O.O

I am using brush tool… is there any way to adjust thickness of brush tool?

I try to flatten all my brush stroke then convert my brush stroke into pencil line

and then adjust the lines… its succesful but… the shape that I drawn is changing…

like the handsome face that I drawn turn into strange face because the line art is not in the place that it should be, just like being smoothen…

can you give me a tip about that, lilly ?!


I had a problem when I want to reduce a drawing, without changing the thickness of the line.
It can be a solution… ::slight_smile:

You will want to use the Tool Properties view to change the size of your currently selected tool.

Line Art, Colour Art, Underlay, and Overlay are just different sub-layers within a drawing. You can use these sublayers to contain different pieces of information.

Some studios will separate out the lines onto the Line Art, and use the Colour Art to put the fill. When doing cutout characters, the Underlay and Overlay layers can be used to contain mattes or patches.

Are you doing traditional, frame-by-frame animation, or cutout style?

Well in traditional, you can separate it. It just depends on what you want to do in the compositing stage, really. I think most of the time it’s easier just to do everything in Line Art.

To change the thickness of the lines - did you draw with the brush tool, or with the pencil tool? If you drew with the pencil, then you can just select the lines with your Select tool, and then in the Tool Properties view you can change the Maximum Size and it will adjust the thickness.

Does this help?


Well it’s always tricky going from brush lines to pencil lines. It has to try to extract a centreline, which there is no proper guideline for. So it may indeed change the shape of the line when you adjust the size.