Change background color on camera view


Just wanted to know if there is any way to change the background color on Camera view (the aera where you can draw). Working a lot of hours with the default white background hurt my eyes.

Thanks so much!

Hi panbg

I dont think that is possible in Storybord at least I haven’t found it. It is in Animate Pro , so why it is not in the Storyboard softwares is strange.
But it is possible to arrange it as a work around.
The Smart Add Panel command makes it possible to copy over the layers you want to next panel.
If you create a layer with a tone and use the -Smart Add Panel from the top menu -Storyboard -Smart Add Panel. Then unselect all layers except the one with the tone. The new panel will have the same toned layer.
Next time you use Smart Add Panel it will remember last selection. You will also find a “knob” in the storyboard toolbar for Smart add panel . You can further add a shortcut to it in the preferences . Top menu -Storyboard Pro - preferences -Shortcuts -Storyboard -Smart Add Panel.
If you will not use the tone for the final result just turn of or delete the layer before export.

Best regards