Change animation's starting frame? (Similar to Flash's "Graphic" feature)

Heyo! Got a question regarding a feature I’m used to from Flash and wondering if Harmony has an easy equivalent.

In Flash, you can create a “Graphic” symbol, and when you place it on the stage you can quickly go into its properties and change its starting frame. So if it’s a looping animation, you can have several on stage at once and easily make it look better by picking different starting frames for each one. So you can have one looping animation of a flame, paste three different instances of it in a shot, and adjust each one’s beginning frame so that the loop starts at a different point on each one, making it look more natural and less uniform. This is especially handy for special effects and scenes in which large numbers of small details are present, like bubbles popping or confetti floating downward.

Is there a simple way to do this in Harmony? I have a scene in which there are three torches in the background, but I’d like to reuse the same flame animation and have their loops start on different drawings. Would making the flame a symbol allow me to accomplish this sort of thing, or is there a different solution?