Certain aspects of my project are not being saved

When I save my project and reopen it later I notice that the following values are not being saved:

  • play head position within the timeline (e.g. frame 48)
  • playback start and end frame values (e.g. start frame = 48, end frame = 94)
  • playback loop button (toggled on)
  • selected art layer (e.g. underlay)

When I reopen the project I will notice that

  • play head position will be placed at 1
  • playback start and end frames will be at 1 and 999
  • playback loop button will be toggled off
  • selected art layer will be on line art

Every time I find myself having to make these changes which takes a bit of time and is just a hassle. Is this a bug I’ve found or just the way Harmony has been programmed? Is there a way to fix this?