Centerline editor is a welcome tool that all too frequently crashes Harmony.

…just as the title says, -the centerline editor tool is a ticking time bomb that has crashed Harmony for me dozens of times when I attempt to use it. This is a shame because I LOVE what it can do as I do all my inking lines with the brush tool rather than the pencil tool and now I can finally massage the line into place to get a smooth flow between frames. I REALLY want to use this tool a LOT. Unfortunately the instability of the tool is so perilous that I end up having to save my progress after nearly ever action because it will crash at the drop of a hat.

From my observations the tool begins getting close to crashing Harmony when the line I’m editing starts to get a little funky shaped during the editing process, and by that I mean the contour edges start to deviate from the central core line indicating that Harmony is getting confused about how to maintain the integrity of the line details. This doesn’t even have to be all that complex of a shape that’s being manipulated, all it takes is the outer edge to get perturbed from the line flow of the central curve the editor is trying to manipulate. In the project I’m currently working on the line I’m editing is a basic single brush stroke which the editor has given five vertex points to manipulate.

Anyway, I wanted to bring this up and see if there’s a workaround or to just bring it to light in the hopes that a fix can be implemented. Thanks for your time.