'Center on Selection' in Timeline - Is there a way to set the shortcut key to O?

I can’t find the option to set the Timeline shortcut for ‘Center on Selection’ to ‘O’ like Network view? I hope it’s just something I’m missing.

If it’s actually missing, is there any chance we can have this shortcut patched in? It’s probably the most used feature for me at work on Harmony and is becoming a much-missed feature at home on Pro.


Thanks Lilly!

I stumbled over this change, too - and then it suddenly got more complicated:While working with a colleague over skype, both of us using Animate Pro, we discovered that many of the default shortcuts were different from each other’s. Many keyboard shortcuts have changed from the Digital Pro days, and I was coming to terms with that, but it was very confusing to have such big differences between two copies of the same program. Thoughts or comments?(a different) Lily ::slight_smile:

It’s actually set to Shift-O instead of O. In Harmony we put it back to O, and future versions of Animate and Animate Pro should have this as well. There’s no way to edit this particular shortcut in the interface, sorry!


Are you both using the same flavour of shortcuts? There’s Flash style, Animate, and Studio. If you are both using the same flavour, then did either of you modify your shortcuts?

You can try a Restore All Defaults.