Center of rotation in LAYER TRANSFORM

While working on this production storyboard, in Storyboard Pro version 1.5, I have tomake an object move from right to left and spinning, like a frisbee, in this case, the object is an envelope. I go to First Frame Transform for the start position and on the Last FrameTransform, I scale the object down and use the rotation handle to spin it around once or twice, without changing the center of rotation point. When I scrub it back and forth, the envelope arcs wildly around the frame to get to its final position and I see that the center of rotation on that last position is completely out there. I tried it a few times with careful control to make sure the center is never touched, all give me the same result.I believe it’s a bug and I am flagging it to you.Thanks,Jean

Hi,Thank you for flagging this. This is more of a feature request then an issue for the transform was made for very limited movement. Anything that would require an advanced path or that is not easily done with the current tool is still probably better described within the drawing rather then with the transform tool. It is always more practical to draw the interaction since the transform are not actual represented in the pdf export which may be lacking when you don’t have the animatic to show what the action is.Regardless of all this I will put a request to enhance the usability of the transform tool in the software.Best regards,Ugo

Thanks,If I didn’t use the animatic I wouldn’t have bothered. The layer transform tool does the job for its purpose, I just thought this was a glitch. I would not make it a requirement that it’d be able to do spinouts. It’s just something I tried on a specific panel.Thanks,Jean