I try to create a blinking eye on my cut-out puppet following the
instructions in the user guide (Toon Boom Studio 7) but I just
don’t get it ! I have looked at everything I can find online, but it is
just a big mess for me. Please, can someone give me a step by step tutorial (babysteps) . The Swapper Slider just goes to the far right side or the far left side and it won’t show all my drawings. Do I need to put all my drawings in different layers in the timeline? Let me hear from someone soon!

Hi marieI

I do not have TBS 7. But I have TBS 6 and it has used to be two windows where you can scroll through cells in a layer. Both the library window and the Cells window. So lets make sure you are working in the right one. To do Cell Swapping in the timeline you will have to use the Cells Window.
Go to the top menu Window -Cells and make sure there is a check mark besides Cells.
Then select a layer in the timeline with individual drawings in each frame.
When you want to change a drawing in a frame select the frame, go to the Cells Window and drag the slider until it shows the drawing you want.
And relax. Even if the drawing that used to be at that frame is gone now as the new has taken its place. You will find it back in the cells window if you need it in another frame in the same layer. The Cells window shows all the individual frame-drawings for the selected layer.

Best regards

Hi Ivar,
Thank you for your fast answer!
I will now try to follow your suggestions.
Best regards,