cells won't move separately?

I’m creating an animation with mostly still images but I’m not tweening, and I haven’t been putting down keyframes. I copy paste each moving frame onto separate cells so each will move.
My problem is that I try and move the separate cell, and then the others move to copy it. What am I doing wrong here? I heard there was something about exposure and special naming your cells but I can’t find any leads to naming cells. Please help asap.

Which Toon Boom Studio version are you using? Also, are you working in the Timeline View or in the Exposure Sheet?

If I understand correctly you’re trying to move different images over time?

If that’s the case then put each drawing in a cel or cells of a different drawing layer.
You can specify how long a particular drawing is shown by right-clicking a cel’s box
(drawing) of a layer and selecting “Set Exposure…”

To move the image over time, make a peg and drag the layer onto the peg so it’s
indented. To make it move, make at least 2 keyframe (set to non-constant segment)
and select the cel containing the keyframe before moving the drawing in the camera

If you have another drawing that moves differently in relation to the first, create another
layer for the drawing and repeat the process above.

You can find some TBS tutorials on YouTube that can help you learn to use the software
beyond what the online help provides.