cells not deleting from library

hi all -

wondering if this is the way things work or if there is something I am doing wrong… i have an image element with some 500 cells (actual movie frames I am animating in). When I deleted cells from this element and saved the file under a new name, I noticed that the files I had deleted were being copied to the new file… I went into the library and under the animation tag I noticed that the deleted files were still there…
It gets to be a trial having to delete them one at a time from the library especially when they are at the end of the list…( i delete number 500, it goes back to the first item in the list, I page over to 499, delete it, it goes to the first in the list… etc) … I tried deleting them from explorer, but the names remained in the library - when i tried to remove them, I got error messgages for each indicating the file was not there but they were removed from the list once i clicked on ‘ok’ … any thoughts? thanks

why having all frames in the library? do you intend to reuse them some time in the future?
i would save the project under a new name, then remove the contents of the library, and then try to work on my project file, removing or adding the frames from and to the exposure sheet window.

Hi Rob -

Guess I’m not sure what you are saying… I am not moving the elements or their cells to the library, they are just appearing there automatically. i do a ‘show library’ and when it appears, at the top is a category entitled ‘Amimation’ under which is a subcategory called Scene-1. When I expand it, all my elements are listed there… if I click on any of the elements, it shows all the different cells contained in that element - even the cells I deleted from the exposure sheet even after closing the file and reopening it. It seems like it is acting like a historical repository containing every cell i ever used in an element. One thing I noticed, if i don’t clean out this library and try to do a move of an image element in the timeline sheet, tbs goes nuts and crashes (my image elements contain film frames - and tbs also crashes during rendering if i try to export the file out if there are move than 1000 frames).
If there is a way I can shut off the elements i build in the exposure sheet from automatically appearing in the library in this animation category, I would love it - I work exclusively from the exposure sheet and if there are any elements I need to use in other files I create a category under global and move them there…
thanks, dan

ok dan,
first of all, i must say i haven’t used multiple scenes so far.
and i don’t have any frame in my library which i haven’t put into it manually.
so this may be the point. i’m not so acquainted with the scenes. if there’s an authomatic insert into the library with every new scene which is being set up, then you lose me on this, sorry.
but if it’s not the case, then there must be something wrong with your app installation.

Hi Rob -

Thanks for taking the time to help… I am only using a single scene…i’m curious if it is the install that is causing the problem… if you could try something for me, I would appreciate it… if you could create an image or drawing element and load up six or seven cells. then take a look at the library in ‘scene-1’ under the ‘animation’ tag to see if they are there… if they do appear there then go back to the exposure sheet and delete the first couple of the cells… check in the library to see if they went away or are still there… if they are still there then that is my problem. i even tried closing the file then reopening it figuring the file needed to update itself - didn’t work, the deleted cells were still being listed…i hope you are not seeing this problem because then it might narrow it down to being an install or setting issue… by the way, i am using version 3 …
thanks, i do appreciate your helping out here… dan

i’ve reproduced the situation. you’re right, the library gets populated with the drawings in the animation section.

but i can right click on any of the cells in the library and choose ‘delete drawing’, which removes the item from the lib. if it’s already deleted from the exposure sheet, then it goes on without any remark. if the drawing still exists in the exposure sheet, then the warning comes: ‘the drawing is still in use. do you want… etc’. removing the latter from the library removes it also from the exposure sheet.

btw, i can vaguely remember a discussion here about the number sequence in tbs. someone complained about the numbers not being updated while the frames were getting deleted and instead of it the counter went on.
the reply was that the whole numbers procedure was intended to avoid the chaos during the production process.

hope it helps a bit :wink:

Hi Rob -

Thanks for the help… I do appreciate it - it is good to know that one is not alone while trying to learn TBS…
Yes, I am able to delete them from the animation area - it just gets to be a pain when i am keeping the first three hundred and deleting the last six hundred…the problem is that cell 67 gets listed right after 669 followed by 670 so I can’t just hit the delete button 600 times - because i run into that ‘file in use’ message which stops the delete process when I reply ‘no’ …it would be nice if I could do a highlight of the cells I want and delete them in one shot rather than one at a time…perhaps in the next revision :slight_smile:
Again, thanks for the help… I’m sure I will have more as I drive deeper into the abyss… have a good one… dan