Cell Swapping

I have 3 hand types I can choose from using the slider in the cells window. However, I am having difficulties restricting the change to 1 cell (or a chosen range). If I select frame 297 only the cell range is given as 297 to 314. When I move the slider say from hand 1 to hand 2 - all the frames from 297 to 314 go blue in the exposure sheet and black in the timeline - and the hand changes across the range. I could mess around resetting cell 298 (and therefore 298 to 314) back to hand 1 - but if I have a large number of hand shapes that could lead to selection errors. Is there a way around this?

The reason TBS is assuming a range is due to the fact that you have a single cell held for that range. So it is logical that if you go to the beginning of a hold to change the cell being held, then you must want to change all of its repeat exposures in that range. To over come this you can select two cells instead of one which signals to TBS that you are wanting to break up the hold and it will adjust the swap range down to just those two contiguous cells. So if you have a long range of a single cell being exposed, just approach it by breaking it into 2’s of unique cells, then you can break those 2’s into 1’s if needed by selecting the second cell in that pair for swapping. -JK

Thanks for your reply. As there is no way to just change the one cell with the slider I’ll stick to typing the name or number of the cell to swap.

That approach will work although I’m not sure it isn’t more trouble than just selecting two frames in the timeline and swapping cells that way. Particularly for keyframe animating a cut-out. Jumping back and forth to the exposure sheet to enter a cell number is pretty tedious, and typing in the number in the cells panel doesn’t circumvent the range issue. You can only do that through typeing into the exposure sheet. -JK