cell shading in harmony

I created a 3D model (UFO) in Maya and exported it to Toon Boom Harmoni where framed aliens as pilots.
But in the end I got a strong difference between 2D and 3D elements.

Is it possible to make the 3D object look like a 2d, for example, as in this picture in Toon Boom Harmony?

And here we go again…
I was able to run plug-in for Maya, created a 3D object in it, added to it the Toon Outline and exported in harmony. There adding render and move Maya files in Harmony project floders. After using render I got it:
Toon Outline located in a separate space from the object. Is there any way to fix this or shaders, which are perceived harmony?
I also tried to add contours to render settings Mental Ray,
But in “harmony” they remain invisible.

I think you would set up the toon shading materials in maya, and call the render via the maya batch render module in harmony

Thanks for the advice.
Previously I tried to render the scene with connection plugin, but ultimately, 3d object is simply not displayed.
Does it matter in what format was retained object? I just used the FBX, as MayaToOosb plugin simply refused to run, even though I installed it according to instructions

just use FBX,
osb was really just intended for harmony 9 so not needed for 10 and above…
i think Lilly did a toon boom tip tutorial on youtube about fbx, toon shaders and harmony - perhaps it was #31

You mean this video?

Ok, I added in Maya Mental Ray material with the contour settings, exported in the FBX, аnd sent to Harmony. The result - the same as before.
The same if, instead of the Mental Ray contour use the Toon Outline.

If anything, my problem is that there is no contour on the model in Harmony.