Cell or Drawing Shortcut Keys not working

Has anyone had trouble with drawing substitution shortcut keys in TBS?
See Screencast below

Hi tonyteach

As far as I can see the shortcut for next- (S) and previous(A) frame work. There is only one drawing per layer in the scene you present on the video.
That mean that there is no next drawing to go to and the short cut for go to next drawing ( shift+S) will not work.
If you want to go up and down the layers you can use the shortcuts: D and F.
For drawing substitution (cell swapping) use the Cells window (not library window). Go to the top menu
-Window -Cells and make sure it is a check mark on Cells.
Now select the desired layer and drag the slider until the right drawing shows. You can use the zero position to create a new blank drawing.
Short cuts for the cell swapping, don’t know any.

Best regards

Darn, OK… I guess I’m spoiled from using Animate (they have shortcut keys for drawing substitutions).

Thanks Tony