cell note


I try to make cell-notes on cells. It looks like it is more a "frameposition note"

Let me explain.
In the exposure sheet I have a few different cells. some of them with a exposure of a few frames.
When I make a note on the first cell, this note will not be on the next exposures. It will also not appear when I use that cell later in the animation.
Is there a hidden trick or button?

thanks, Bertjan

Cell notes are attached to specific exposures of a cell. What that means is that each time a specific cell is used in your animation you can make a note and attach it to that specific instance. This is a valuable and important tool. A cell in and of itself is just a drawing. But each time that the drawing is reused in a production it has a specific context for that instance in time, so the notes associated with that cell are context specific for that drawing. I hope this add some insight into this feature. -JK

Thanks, that makes it clear.