Cell Management

I have two questions and they might be dumb, but I can’t figure it out.

1) Say I have 12 cells in an element. I only need 10. How do I remove the two extra cells from the cell list? I like to keep my cell lists tight.

2) Is there a way to see all 12 cells at one time. I know I can do that in the library, but there are times when I’m working and I don’t want to import those images into my library…


Actually the library is the answer to both of your questions. Everything you do drawing wise in a project is automatically available in the library catalog that is local to your project.

To see those elements you go to the library panel and go to the first catalog, the one labeled ANIMATION. Inside that catalog there is a catalog for each SCENE and inside each SCENE’s catalog you will find a catalog for each ELEMENT. If you open the context menu for any catalog display panel and select VIEW>THUMBNAILS, you can visually see every cell in an element.

To eliminate unwanted cells from an element just find the cell you want to delete in your ANIMATION>SCENE#>ELEMENT CATALOG as described above, and right click on it to open the menu and select DELETE DRAWING. That removes the deleted cell from your element and it is no longer shown in the library catalog or on the CELLS panel for that element. -JK

That’s it!