Cave-Lady animation for UPS contest-- please watch to help me pay rent!!!

Hello fellow Toon Boomers,

I animated a 60 second video for a UPS contest (sponsored), and I’m in the final 3 days of a contest for most likes/views. This was animated entirely in Toon Boom, with some editing in Final Cut. I’m up against 3 live action videos, so animators of the world UNITE! : )

I get “votes” for Youtube likes and views, so please watch!

You can also vote for it on Facebook by clicking on this link, selecting the animation (on the lower right) to bring it up on the video player, then “like” it:

Thank you and go Toon Boom!!

- Jared

Best of luck! The animation was creative, humorous and most importantly it portrayed the story perfectly to the viewer. I specifically liked the design of the main character. Thumbs up!

I think I got to see it and like it in time. I really hope you win. It was a good, fun - and funny - story and best of all (from the UPS point of view) persuasive. Yay for you!

good luck. Nice little animation :slight_smile: