CartoonSmart Tutorials

Has anyone tried out the CartoonSmart Tutorials? I am thinking of purchasing the Stick Figure tutorial but I would like some feedback from someone who has tried it out firsthand. They seem reasonably priced.

Hi InfoCentral

Yeah, I actually learned how to use the software with those videos. Very complete and informative.
I have the Character Design Package but I bet that the other ones are cool too.
There are some free ones. Why don’t you tried them first to get convinced.


I was thinking of getting the Character Animation Package. That stick man animation course has peaked my interest.

Just noticed the FREE ones. The 3D Box Project looks interesting but it say it was built using Animate Pro so I’m guessing Animate will not be sufficient to do the tutorial. Too bad as its a 2 hr free tutorial.

The toonboom tutorials are excellent general animation/drawing but aren’t really going into a lot of detail on Animate.

Make sure you check out the official free toonboom ones (and my free ones!)

I watched a couple of your tutorials and I am impressed with the depth and detail of your videos. :wink:

thanks for the kind comments :slight_smile:

I see they dropped the “PRO” from the 3D Box tutorial but its still in the description. I think I am going to download it and give it a try.

You can’t do the 3D box in standard.