Cartoons smart's New Tutorials worth the Money

I purchased and downloaded CartoonSmart’s new Character Design Package yesterday and I would have to give it a very good review. The guy teaching it is Justin Cook and his laid back (adam phillips) style of teaching is very pleasing, and easy to understand and follow.

I think the icing on the cake is that it includes some project files that you can open In Animate and explore. It is only $15 for now and will go up to $35 bucks in two weeks.

At first I was not going to get it because I don’t feel I need help with designing characters, but it is amazing how no matter how much you think you know something, there are always little tricks you can learn from watching other people do it. just set the bar higher for anybody who wants to make Animate tutorials. I just bought their new tutorial course and it’s really excellent.

Good deal for $15 but I thought is was a little too simple and more for beginners. I think their “cartoonist package” is much better. It covers head, bodies, clothing, backgrounds and is over 20 hours. It’s for flash but the techniques can easily be applied in animate and similar applications.

Alex was this generic drawing or was it really specific to animate?

I watched the first one and I thought it looked good but it was more drawing. The guy seemed very articulate and explained himself well.

I guess you can say Generic simply because you can follow these tuts with any program, but there are some very good tips on designing characters using basic geometric shapes.

Some of the things he mentions I learned years ago at the School Of Visual Arts and it was a refresher on some techniques that I simply forgot about or stopped practicing when I made the switch to computer drawing.

What I liked most about it though, was how he went from Sketch all the way to a fully rigged character,very similar to the way Ryan over at Cartoon Solutions makes his, with plenty of useful tips along the way.

Of course you have to give him alot of credit for the Quality of the Video, Great Audio, and like you said he is very articulate, knows what he’s talking about and delivered it quite nicely.

I agree with bamdelco, Cartoon Smart set a higher Standard with this video at a time when most people are practically crying for them. I hope Justin D uses Justing C for all future Animate Tutorials.

oh man this was extremely helpful!

Yeah, If you are a brand spanking new user of Animate that is the Ideal place to start. I was fooling around this weekend using those techniques of his and came up with this …

dude that’s awesome!

Thanks ;D

Nice characters !!!

But those techniques are not his. They are standard cartooning methods passed along by the cartooning greats and masters of the art for us lowly ones to benefit.

So, when are you going to make some tutorials of your own? You certainly have the talent.

And for certain, Animate is deep and broad enough for exploration beyond the basics.

LOL, well put, and yes you are right. These techniques are not original. In fact as I mentioned before I learned these
techniques way back at the school of visual arts.

Thanks for the compliment, as far as me making tutorials, I have tested making some, and for some reason I cannot draw a single eyebrow when I am recording. Don’t know why, maybe I feel Rushed or something. I will make some someday when
I feel I am a bit more advanced. with the program

I know the feeling. You don’t want to spend forever tweaking on the screen but you don’t want to leave it not looking how you want.

It is pretty hard to balance because from the feedback I have got(from mine not this cartoonsmart one) there are 2 things people want
1) Everything done on screen
2) To not sit and watch you doing the same technique over and over.

This creates a hard balance to keep the pace and do everything on screen.

One solution I’ve used with my ArtRage tutorials ( see )is to record the whole process, and then cut and trim all the pauses and "ummmm"s. All the actual artwork is still being done in real time, but if you trim it (not speeding it up) it will go pretty fast.

I made a point to demonstrate the techniques without any cuts the first time I did them, but later on, when I was just repeating, I felt okay with trimming some of that work out. Nobody seemed to mind.

A lot of artists will record the voice track AFTER the video is done to take the pressure off of your "performance."

I also use Camtasia which makes it easy to edit, and to zoom and pan – which gets the viewer up close to whatever is important. Some full-screen video tutorials are a pain to watch 'cause everything is so small!

I’m gonna go check out those tutorials!

Hey Sherm, it’s quite off topic but I have to say your Sponge Bob cover video series is fantastic. I even bought Artrage after watch it, but I didn’t fell comfortable with the software. Thanks for your tutorials.

I deiceded to get it since I haven’t really done any formal art lessons. I really enjoyed it and thought he explained himself well. It is really nice to see how good animate is for drawing that you barely notice he isn’t drawing on paper.

My work at the university has pretty much finished for the semester so I will finally get more tutorials this week :slight_smile:

Yeah and he has more in the works from what I hear. I think there is alot to learn in those tutorials because
he explains it very well and his calmness makes you comfortable.

Looking foward to more tuts from you, hopefully not scripting that stuff is boring to me. :-\

This course is really great, however I would die to see a tutorial about animating such character, with using Drawing Substitution :wink:

According to his Facebook Page , he says he is working on some Animation Tutorials, and I’m sure he will cover Drawing Subsitutions.

That is a great news, Alex! :slight_smile: Thanks:)

I hope he does more focusing on the drawing. I think they was definitly the best part.

I think I said before, but my next planned are on lipsync and adding morphing for a better lipsync.

I will do more scripting as I make usefull things, but i am still learning. I don’t want to focus on scripting at all cause i know most artsy people have zero interest in scripting, just using the scripts.