Cartoonic fantasy creatures with deep meanings in kids show

Hey everyone, sup?

I’m working in something really mysterious for me to understand in a charity animation progress. I had some strict rules that really blow up my mind and made me think even deeper
until I found my problem that I don’t understand what to do for my case and never seen examples that might help.

to short things out and to keep my project secret as possible xD.

Who knows animators films/series that have a fantasy character that has deeper meanings in kid’s show?
such as Spirited Away “Yubaba/Zeniba, check the dialogue here if you want to know more

I’m only inspired by how Hayao Miyazaki makes his fantasy characters looks so mysterious and wise but also entertainment and not so hard/sketchy to understand for young kids.
and of course, I don’t wanna end with a so Disney character " that have big eyes and so many facial expression, or Disney sugar coat style for short " so no Disney or similar things to it please, unless they are worth mentions.

thanks in advance!