Cartoon short (TBSv6)

I thought the best way to learn a piece of software was to run a project. So, this is what I created… I already have two more episodes in the pipeline.

Any form of feedback would be great. I have really enjoyed using TBS so far and more than meets my needs. I still seem to have a lot to learn though.


Very good storyline. Quite funny. Makes me wonder (since I’m slaving with hundreds upon hundreds of drawings) if the story isn’t king in animaiton. Good story–combined with drawings that move the story along = a memorable animation!!! (So says Master of Redundancy)

Thanks for the feedback.

You raise a good point about the ‘story’. Although it’s subjective, and everyone would have their own opinion on it’s importance.

It’s not something to answer easily. I do think though, that flow is important. Like there should be a rhythm to how it pans out.

I do think there are three main factors that work together and are important to think about. That is, story, animation styling, and sound.

Animation takes determination, keep it up bud. Honestly, the sense of achievement is high, and well worth the effort.

Redundancy, ha! Yes, half the battle is realizing (no matter how much you like it) that some stuff has to drop.

You should get some work up somewhere, having people give good C&C can help in many ways.

Good luck with your project. :slight_smile: