Capture with TWAIN scanner

Hi there!Some time ago I had problems with an autofeed scanner. I moved passed it and started using a HP G4010 flatbed.It ran smoothly with OSX Leopard and HP Scan Pro.However, once I updated to OSX Lion and had to install the Lion software drivers for my HP scanner I started having a really annoying problem!1. I start capture and choose TWAIN - CAPTURE2. The scan window pops up from behind the PCP Capture window and I can’t press a single button!3. I just allows me to use enter which doesn’t allow me to do a single thing. I can’t even return to PCPAny ideas on this one?Thanks a lot in advancePaco,


We haven’t upgraded PCP to be compatible with Lion. I have submitted your problem with the support department, but you can follow-up on


Our team followed up on this, and if you update to the latest build of PCP, which is build 5217, then this issue should be resolved.

You should be able to download this version from your user account (this version has replaced the previous version of PCP) but if this is not the case then you can always email and they can give you a link to this build.