Capture issues

Hello from Portugal.We are considering getting Pencil Check Pro and I’ve been trying the demo version, but I seem to have a lot of trouble configuring to have decent images both in greyscale or vectorised with our current camera. It’s too dark or too bright and the line never seems to be well defined. The camera is an old Sony surveillance camera, I think. I get better results with a webcam straight with zero or few adjustments to default settings.I suppose it helps that the webcam adapts to light and such, but still we are using the old Sony with another software and it has been working fine. We are considering PCP because the older software has the annoying tendency to make viewing windows smaller and smaller as the computer cache looses available memory.By the way, I was wondering if the PCP Xsheet could be exported for Opus II, which we are still using. I suppose not, but I had to ask.Thank you for any help.Luis Canau

The question was: is it possible that an old camera that gives decent capture with old software might not be ‘compatible’ with PCP even though there seems to be no problem with technical specifications or any sort of error?

Hi Luis,Concerning the exporting to Opus II there is possibility to import the .digital file inside your database by renaming the .digital to .solo instead. You may get some syntax error as you open the file but overall the data should be recovered.As for the camera it might depend on what technology is used to do the capture with that specific camera and how it interface with our application. Have you tried downloading the latest drivers for the camera for it may help. Else then that did you try adjusting the luminosity parameters in Capture interface to compensate?Best regards,Ugo

I’d like to add my capture issue to this forum: I just bought PCP and every time I select File-Capture the program quits and complains of a “problem” occurring. Foes not give an error simply “stops working” and closes program.Any hints or suggestions? Thanks

Email for further advice, so they can look into your specific situation. Thanks!