cant zoom in and out with cintiqs touch strip

for some reason, im not able to zoom in and out with my cintiqs touch strip. i slide my finger, and nothing zooms. yet in other programs, i am able to use the touch strip perfectly. so is there a way to use the touch strip to zoom? anyhelp would be greatly appreciated

Try setting it up in the wacom preferences specifically for animate, next to Application browse for animate and you can customize the buttons and strips.

I will tell you this though, I set it up that way and removed it cause those strips are so sensitive that I always found myself zooming in and out cause my elbow barely touched it.
Although, you may be used to it if you use it in other programs.

I find that shortcuts 1 are 2 are much better.

i still cant get the touch strip to work, but i decided to just use a button shortcut.