Can't use Wacom Intuos Pen or Mouse properly/ Lack of an exposure sheet?

In Toon Boom Studio I had no problem using either pen or mouse, but in Harmony essentials the mouse doesn’t allow me to make selections but it does let me see pop up descriptions of tools. The pen lets me make selections and draw, but I can’t see pop up descriptions of what all the tools are which makes working very awkward.

If anyone knows a fix the advice would be appreciated.

I was able to fix this problem in Cinema 4d by enabling the Tablet with options, but I haven’t seen that kind of feature in this program.

Also I haven’t been able to find an exposure sheet for hand drawn animation in this version of Toon Boom. Is it even included?

Xsheet is only available in Advanced and Premium.

Mouse/pen: do you have the latest driver installed?
If on Windows do you have QT Wintab support selected?

You need to contact Support for further assistance with the mouse issue.

…Of course its not included. Thanks.

The tablet drivers are up to date and the preferences were right. Will have to make a call I guess.