Can't use Rotating Light Table

Hello Mathieu (or anyone else who can help),

I just downloaded Toon Boom Studio Version 3 and I discovered immediately that I can’t rotate the canvas when I’m drawing with my Wacom tablet and stylus. I noticed that someone else has the same problem and is also using a Mac. Here’s that post via a Beta 3 e-mail I got today. which sums up the problem:

In the drawing view using shortcut (control+command) to rotate the canvas.
When I click to move the disc, a dialog box opens, and the disc keeps static. I tried to change the wacom tablet’s settings, but the problem continues…

So, please help us on this. I really love that roating light table and I NEED it to work! I also tried to fix the problem in the Wacom preferences and the TBS preferences to no avail. Let us know if there is a bug or if we need to do something in our settings.

I’m using a Mac G5 with Tiger


Hi Guys,

We are probably going to have another build soon. We are looking at it. I’ll keep you posted.


Thanks, Mathieu.

I really can’t use it the way it is. I generally create my animation art by drawing directly into the program using a stylus. The rotating light table is one of my favorite things about TBS and I use it all the time to get a more natural approach to drawing by changing the angle of my “paper”.

I make my living as an illustrator and I am constantly rotating my tissue pad as I draw my sketch, rotating my sheet of watercolor paper as I ink in the finish and, finally, I rotate the thick courrugated board my watercolor is stapled to when I’m adding watercolor to the final art.

Toon Boom’s rotating light table gives me a pretty good approximation of that flexibility when I’m drawing with my digital tablet.

I anxiously await the bug exterminator on this one.


I’m having the same problem with a Mac G4 and Panther 10.3.8.

Until they get the rotating light table bug fixed, can you still use the “c” and “v” keyboard commands instead of rotating it manually?
Just curious.

Yes you can rotate with the C and V shortcuts.

The bug has been fixed but we are testing to make sure it didn’t break anything else. We’ll have something soon.


Please hurry, Mathieu, please, please, please! The rotating light table is probably my favorite TBS feature.

Thank you.


Arrgh!! I also have this problem. Mac 10.3.5. Please please please fix this!

Make that a Double Arrgh!

I feel very deprived. As I noted in my original letter, I am at a standstill on my current project without the superb Rotating Light Table feature. I have come to depend on it for fluid, natural drawing with my Wacom tablet & Stylus. Hard to believe that someone at TBS overlooked that bug before releasing Version 3.



I really whish we could release the update faster and right now but I’m putting as much pressure as I can on the RnD team which is already overloaded.

I should be able to provide with a development build next Monday.

I’ll post a reply here to let you know.



I know this isn’t a complete fix, but use the “c” and “v” commands on your keyboard.

Thanks, KC Fotog. I saw that tip in your earlier post & I appreciate it, though it’s a bit clunky for the way I draw. Better than nothing, but I sure am anxious for the rotating lightning bug to hit the windshield.


This week, Mathieu, will the Rotating Bug be slain sometime this week? I await his demise with Wacom stylus in hand.


WOW! 273 people looked at this post as of today, August 11th. I guess I ain’t alone in my desire to get that unique feature fully operational.

So, my friend Mathieu, how IS that infamous Rotating Light Table Fix coming along? By the way, though I keep bugging you about this, I must tell you how much I appreciate your usually prompt response to users who are having problems with Toon Boom. Way back when, we Tooners could wait sometimes months for a reply in this forum. If we got one at all.

Best Wishes,

with all respect for this forum… i’d posted two questions here, after that i’ve tried direct emails @ toonboom support, which i got promptly responded (while my forum posts remained without an answer). the missing rotating drawing space feature appears to be a big issue at a mac, but i think email is the better way to bug mathieu. bug him directly in his nest :wink:

Thanks for asking, but, nope, no news. I reckon I’ll have to do as suggested and contact Mathieu directly.

As they say, no news is no news.

If I do hear anything, I’ll post it here.


Hi, Even Bigger M,

I thought I’d update you on the Rotating Light Table fix. Still no news. I did contact Mathieu directly and, as of Sunday August 18, no response.



I have the updated build on my computer. I will make the last checks and have it ready online tomorrow Aug 31 2005

Please visit the TBS V3 download page again tomorrow for the updated build. This build is not the official TBS V3 SP1 coming soon but an internal beta build. Only those who are affected by these bugs should update.

- Double clicking with the Zoom tool now zooms twice instead of once.
- Buttons used to switch the view mode are now highlighted to show the active view mode.
- Typing a value in French for the Front/Back axis was not working when trying to go on the back axis (Ar).
- Fixed a problem which occurred when exporting to SWF with compression while requesting a Preview.
- Fixed a crash which occurred when right-clicking in either the Top or the Side View.
- Fixed a problem with the rotation of the drawing view when trying to rotate it using [command]+[option] and a Wacom tablet on Mac OS X.
- Fixed the Drawing View select tool override that was not working when using the mouse on Mac OS X.
- Fixed a problem on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).Dropping a Toon Boom Studio document (.tbpd) on the Toon Boom Studio icon in the dock was not opening the document.
- Fixed a layout problem when coming back from full screen mode and the scene planning tool bar was docked at either the top or the bottom of the application.
- Fixed the Top and the Side view scroll bars that were not working correctly after pressing [c] or [v] shortcut

Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience.



I look forward to downloading the Beta Bug Buster tomorrow and giving it a test run.

I’ll probably get so excited using the Rotaing Light Table that I’ve been hungering for, that I’ll forget to try the other fixes. Others will no doubt have to report back on those.


Toon Boom Studio V3 SP1 Ready !


Everyone, I was told that the software package will not be available for download on our website until tomorrow BUT since I promised you guys and I feel bad about this, I want to give you the opportunity to send me an email request for download. After checking your eligibility, I will send you a private direct link to download.

If you want to download TBS V3 SP1 today, please send an email to before 5 p.m. EDT.

Please include your license key for me to validate your eligibility.

Everyone else, just wait until tomorrow to download the Beta SP1 for TBS V3 in the download section of our website.