cant update drawing pivot

??? as you do in tutorials I cute my character. setup pivots for all element, do *.tvg layers not animated, make pegs for all layers, make master peg, setup pivots on pegs, but when I start setup elements I cant copy pivots on it. Is it a bug of the Harmony?

There are different types of pivots, pivots on drawings, pivots on pegs. These are different. You may want to use the option “Apply Embedded Pivot on Parent Peg” in order to send the pivots from your drawing layer up to your peg layer.

Or, you could use the Rotate tool to reposition the pivot on the peg. This is different in that this repositions the pivot for ALL the drawings, whereas when you do the Apply Embedded Pivot method, each drawing has a different pivot.

Check out my post at the bottom of this thread, where I break it all down:;action=display;threadid=2930;start=msg13845#msg13845