Can't substitute drawings

Okay so I’m finding myself not able to swap drawings during animation ::), the only way for me to see the drawing substitutions is to double-click into a layer . Once inside the layer I can duplicate drawings and make subs but they effect the whole timeline while animating. :’( They will not swap, also there are no dividers that would indicate a sub was made, I thank you in advance for your responses :slight_smile:

Im using animate btw

Not that it matters, but when you say, “double click into a layer do you mean symbols?” Did you do alot copy and pasting of cells in the timeline?

I’m buying myself time, so I can find a post where I had a similar problem when I first started using Animate. ::slight_smile:

How are you swapping your drawings? Are you using the shortcuts [ ] or are you using the drawing substitution window by the library?

Just to make sure, you have extended the exposure (F5) first before you try to swap drawings, right?

Could you maybe include a screenshot of what your timeline looks like? Just upload your screenshot to a free site like Photobucket and then post the link here.

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Thank you Alex and Lili , I found the solution to my problem. I knew that I had to extend my exposure inside the symbol and add duplicates but you see therein was the problem, for some reason it was difficult for me to grab the red handle to drag/extend the timeline. So I kept at it and Eureka! ;D

I needed to make substitutions to clean up my walking cycle with patches as Lili suggested someplace. Not sure if it is appropriate in this forum but here is the finished product
its still choppy though