Can't stop making Drawing Substitutions

Recently got my own ToonBoom and I built my own character all seems good.

I’m trying to animate with it but the more I animate the more Drawing Substitutions are being add to my build on ever piece. Each part have around 180+ copies of the same part.

I’ve not sure what’s on, I’ve used ToonBoom before. I’m gone into my preference clearing all short cuts thinking I must be hitting a short cut I’m not aware of. But it hasn’t helped.

Anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong?
(Or at least how do you delete substitutions?)

Any drawing shown in Drawing substitution windows refers to actual drawings (.tvg) in /elements/<currently_selected_drawing_layer_name>/ folder. This means that if you have duplicated many on that layer, it is possible to have all shown in Drawing substitution windows. You may can delete unwanted drawings which were duplicated by mistake by right click>Drawings>Delete selected Drawings will remove actual drawing file permenantly.
Some prefer to have master template for each pose (ex, front, profile, 3/4) to reduce drawings in Drawing substitution windows especially due to hand or mouth layer that can be easily over 100 if you have one master template for all the poses.

Right click on which part? I can right click on the draw and the opinion of ‘Delete layer drawing’ come up, but it only deletes the drawing, but keeps the blank Drawing Substitutions

And is that method one at a time? I got 180+ drawing on each body part. Is there a fast way to delete multiple?

Also anyone have any ideas what’s causing this in the first place?

Right click on the drawing in the timeline. When I have too many drawings I want to delete, I place all those drawings in the timeline, right click - delete drawing, next frame, right click - delete drawing and so on until they are all gone. You can also delete from the xsheet, but make sure you delete them properly using the same method and not just by clicking the delete key.|Toon%20Boom%20Animate%20Pro%203%20User%20Guide|Chapter%207%3A%20Timing|Managing%20Drawings|_____4

Hi MechanovaKing
If you’re using F6 to add keyframes, this will add a keyframe + duplicate the drawing. This may explain why you have so many drawings.
What I suggest is that you change the shortcut in the preference menu so that F6 only adds a keyframe.
Hope this will help