Can't see the arrows in the timeline

I can’t see the arrows in the timeline of toonboom animate pro.

I am new to this. I would like to know what those arrows stand for and what they mean. I would also like to know how to make them visible and also how to use them to my advantage.

Can I get an answer to this please?

Exactly what arrows are you talking about? And how do you know they are supposed to be there if you can’t see them? Did you see them in the user’s guide?

Here is a quick screen grab of the timeline with some examples of arrows. I point out areas with red arrows (hope that isn’t confusing).

1 Do you mean the arrow that you twirl down when you have a peg?

2 Do you mean the arrow that you get when you have a motion keyframe?

3 Or do you mean the arrows that would be here at the bottom of the timeline window? On a Mac I don’t have those but I see in pictures in the manual that on a PC they have those arrows on either side.

It would help if you could do a screenshot of what you are missing and post it.


I am talking about the second one.

“Do you mean the arrow that you get when you have a motion keyframe?”

Okay, that is when you set two keyframes for position and they are represented as little black squares and the arrow between them is the interpolation created between those keyframes.

If you look at the Animate Family Getting Started Guide PDF, on page 14-15, they show all of the different icons that you will see in the timeline. There are important differences in how exposed drawings look, how exposed symbols look, how a morphed sequence looks, a peg layer, etc.

You just really have to read through and do the exercises. I couldn’t explain it any better than what they have done.