Can't see the 3D files.

Hello! I just upgraded to Storyboard PRO 3D, so of course I immediately started importing 3D files to play around with them. Unfortunately, I’m unable to see some of them. When I transfer the file from my library to my scene, the computer pauses as if it’s loading it, but when the layer is added, I can’t see the model. I’ve tried .obj and .fbx formats, and neither of them seem to work. Am I missing something? Is there a size or polygon count maximum? What am I doing wrong?Thanks for the help!-Erin

Hmm, it’s kind of hard to tell without being able to see the file. Is it possible that the model is really big? Try to select your First Frame transform tool. Does it select anything? Is there a layer in your layer list? Try to click on the First Frame tool and select the layer.

If this doesn’t work, email, so you can send in your 3D file for us to do a test.