Cant see stuff in drawing view anymore

Please help me, I dont know what I did, but I can’t see my character in the drawing view anymore. It is everything there, because when I change to camera view everything is just as it should, but my drawing view is all white. So the keyframes are still there. I guess I just clicked something accidentaly, but I have no idea what it could be, please help a toon boom noob.

You need select the drawing by clicking in a exposed frame in timeline, this frame change to red and the drawing appears in the drawing view. If you are clicking in a layer without exposure, or in the camera layer or peg, the frame result changed in blue and you can´t see anything here. If you need see others drawings that are in diferent layers but in the same frame, turn on the light table, (the light bulb button). Hope that helps you.


The problem could be that you’ve drawn on the line art layer and have accidentally selected the colour art layer, or vice versa? Check out page 74 of the user guide.

Yes it was on the line art layer and I hit the color art layer.
Thank you guys for helping so fast :slight_smile: