Can't see static light table

When I click ‘Toggle Static Light Table’ icon in the menu of Exposure Sheet then the bottom edge of the that window moves only just noticeably but it does not open Static Light Table panel. If I select a drawing and right click and select ‘Send to Static Light Table’ it will go there (I know it because I can see a paler version in Drawing sheet), but because the panel doesn’t open, drawing can not be removed from there.

Anyone else noticed this?
Is this a bug? I am using Studio 3.5 in Win XP.

Using Toon Boom Studio V 3.5 build 59 / OSX 10.4.8

Select the “Toggle Static Light Table” button.
At the bottom of the Exposure Sheet a “little dot” should appear.
Drag this dot up to open the “Static Light Table”.
After you have done it once, you can open and close it with the Light Table button.

The same applies for the “Toggle Element List” button.
Only the “little dot” appears on the right side of the Exposure Sheet,
and you have to drag it to the left to open it.


Great, I got it!

The tricky thing is that you have to drag the small handle (that comes visible when you place the cursor on the bottom edge of the Exposure Panel in Win XP) more than 1 inch before the panel pops out.
The first impression to the user is that you can not move it because it doesn’t move even if you have tried to drag it almost an inch.

Thanks Nolan.