can't see rotation handles

I’ve used rotation handles before, but now I can’t seem to get them to appear. I’m trying to keyframe a 38° rotation of a character, and can’t seem to get the handles to appear attached either to the two character elements or their parent peg. I’ll be happy to provide further details if no one has an idea off the top of their head as to what I might be doing wrong.

(Toom Boom 4.0, Mac OS 10.4.10)


Well, first you have to be in Camera-View /
select the Element in the Timeline /
select either the Rotate-(8) or the Transform-Tool(7) /
the “Rotate-Handles” should be clearly visible in the Viewport.


Yeah, thanks, I guess I was a little lazy in not specifying that I had done all that - just as I had perhaps unconsciously hoped, you’ve provided me with a reality checklist. It’s late tonight, and I was doing a lot of tweaking of the images over the course of the weekend; I’ll start again tomorrow building fresh elements to see if that makes a difference.

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Just for the record, reimporting the art did not help. So I’m doing without handles and using the function editor.
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Hi Michael,

If you followed the proper procedures and still can’t seem to get the handles then this may be a refresh issue in the OpenGL view. You might want to go in Edit>Preferences>Display tab and change the current renderer. You may want to disable some features as well to see if you get better results.

Then restart the application and see if you are getting better results.

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Thanks, Ugo.

I’ve tried both OpenGL and stripping out various rendering options from the Display tab (restarting with each reset) without success.

I should add that at the moment this is not a big drawback; I should probably be grateful that I’ve been “forced” to learn the function editor. When I get into tweaking more elements at once, of course, the handles would be, well, handy.

Do I infer correctly from your suggestions and the options on the Display tab that there may be an issue of memory allocation to various image-rendering functions? Is my (already planned) RAM increase (from 2GB to 3) likely to help?

Thanks again to all for the input received so far.

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I would need to see a screenshot to be sure I am not completely off topic but what I meant was more of a video card related issue then an actual ram problem.

A screenshot would also be useful to help us pinpoint what is active and what is not in your interface.

This may be caused by something really little that was forgotten.

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