Can't see my brush lines until after I've completed them and the background is grey

In toonboom Animate pro 2, I can’t see my brush strokes (the actual lines) until after I’m done making them. Also the background is grey. I’m doing this on a pretty crappy computer, (meets minimum requirements), so could this be the problem? I could do this on a better computer but I’d have to go through some grief, so I’d much rather do it on this computer. Is there some setting I can tweak to make the lines I’m drawing visible and the background white?

Are you drawing inside the drawing tab? If you are new to ToonBoom, maybe you are drawing inside the camera tab. All drawings should be done inside the drawing tab, including your white background. Then you can animate them inside the camera tab.

Or it could be an underpowered graphic card from the description.
If you’re on Windows, try disabling the Aero Desktop theme and select
a Basic & High-Contrast theme instead which may help. Make sure that you’re not in the render view but rather are in the OpenGL view (grey flower not the blue one at bottom of Camera window).